Hide and Seek | Nosferatu + Shadowlurker meme.

Improvement Meme for DA, starting from last year (the year I joined DA) to the present.

I really an’t believe it’s just been one year…


Throne of Games.

Jervis Tetch

But of course!

Why I like them- I love how unique and insane a character Jervis is. Here we have a scientist who’s obsessed with a children’s book and knows the secrets of mind control. Like the other rogues, he can prove to be a formidable opponent if given the chance. Yet unlike most of the others he’s able to remain a largely sympathetic character.

Plus, it’s Batman, who can argue with that?

Now your version of Tetch is one of my absolute favorites, mainly because:

Favorite line- "I’ve waited my whole lonely LIFE for her!"

Favorite outfit- His BTAS Mad Hatter costume (AC comes pretty close though)

OTP- The only pairing that Jervis would be willing to partake in- AliceXTetch

A wish- Not quite sure here. That he eventually gets cured of his insanity, finds someone who loves him and have a happily ever after, whether it be Alice or someone else? 

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen- Die before his time

5 words to best describe them- Mad Hatter Drinking Tea Always 

My nickname for them- Hats

for you, FreckledTetch


Sooooo Jawesome

"U haz kitteh there? NO! Kitteh iz teh Little LOLCat now. Sum bad kitteh maek sweet small kitteh in 2 monster. Watevur u tought teh gud & bad waz in RL, well tat iz wrong here in teh interwebz.  Little LOLCats haz cheezburger, wat maeks teh interwebz wurk. Every kitteh want teh cheezburgerz. Every Kitteh needz teh cheezburgerz…"

(Please forgive me)

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Drawing Myself: Bioshock

"Magic Anons threatening you and your characters?"

"Leave them confused with Confusion (TM)!"

(Got any more styles for me?)


Something to do between updates and to keep my posing sharp.

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This is what happens when I have too much time on my hands…

…Should this be shaded?


Hi, Ink!

Behold, proof, you perfect human being you.

Hey hey hey Ink!

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